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Located in the heart of the Skegness hotel district

our holiday accommodation is only two minutes from the gorgeous wide sandy beach. Renowned for its seaside fun and amusements with something for everyone, you’re guaranteed a wonderful time here. Indulge your passion for real ale craft beers and traditional gourmet pizzas or treat yourselves to a fine dining experience in the local restaurants along the promenade.

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You can walk through the huge amusement arcade on Skegness Pier and out onto the Pier itself for Ice Creams, deck chairs and kids rides, then down onto Skegness Beach with Donkey Rides and as much bucket and spade fun as you can handle.

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Our beautiful holiday hotel in Skegness town centre

will offer you the warmest welcome to start your vacation in style. Sumptuous bedrooms with the usual tea and coffee, with a colour television in every room. We have single and double rooms – all ensuite as you would expect. Also for special occasions we have a premiere suite with a four poster bed so you can sleep in style.

For a full week of seaside holiday fun

you can also visit Mablethorpe which is a great seaside resort for a day out in the sunshine. There is Ingoldmells – a smaller self-contained holiday venue along with Chapel Saint Leonards, another of our local traditional beach resorts just a couple of minutes up the coast road.

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